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Porous Masonry surfaces, which allow the penetration of rainwater, cause a number of problems.

Masonry Water Repellent Treatment

Water soaking into the surface can cause damage to the masonry in a number of ways. It can also bring minerals and salt to the surface which are then deposited as white efflorescence marks. It can help grim and dirt penetrate the surface making your masonry harder to keep clean. It can also increase heat loss through walls and internal damp.

Here at kingfisher we offer a range of Masonry and stone protection products to combat all of these problems. Using the latest in fluorocarbon water repellent technology we can guarantee some of ourMasonry treatments for up to ten years. We also manufacture cleaners to remove oil, grim and efflorescent deposits.

By preventing water penetration into walls and facades we can: 
  • Stop damp penetrating through the walls – Damp walls within the living and work spaces can lead to illness and make the rooms uninhabitable.
  • Reduce damage from frost – The presence of water in the bricks andstone when the temperature falls below freezing can lead todelamination and crumbling on the surface.
  • Improve thermal efficiency – By preventing water penetration and allowing the walls to breathe the insulating qualities of the walls will improve.
  • Reduce the growth of moss and algae - the lack of water in thewalls will discourage further growth of mosses and algae.


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